OCOC Program Purpose & Objectives

One Church, One Child of Florida Corporation is organized for the purpose of providing services to adoptable children and increasing children’s potential for placement in a permanent family home; participating in charitable work; involving persons with religious and clerical expertise; providing literacy and educational guidance; promoting child welfare services to children and supporting families.


  • To facilitate and develop campaigns that recruit appropriate shelter, foster and adoptive families for children;
  • To develop and implement innovative approaches that reduce the length of stay for children in foster care who are available for adoption;
  • To educate the broader community about the plight of children in foster care;
  • Provide training and technical assistance geared toward the adoption of children by families and their communities;
  • To develop corporate public/private sponsorship to help support program service delivery;
  • To develop, monitor and evaluate projects designed to address the needs of children in the child welfare system; and
  • To provide retention and support services to families.

Ways to Contribute to OCOC

Make a Donation

Every child deserves a forever, permanent home and family. You can make a difference - a child is waiting for adoption or foster care in Florida.

Partner with OCOC

Our Partnership Program provides opportunities for businesses, organizations and individuals to join with OCOC in lending support to families.

Volunteer with Us

Please consider donating your time and experience with us. Opportunities vary throughout the state but we can use any services you have to offer.

OCOC Partners

  • Department of Children & Families
  • Children's Home Society of Florida
  • Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University
  • Florida State University
  • National One Church One Child